Tartan Cushions

The beautiful colours and strong geometric lines make tartan fabric universally appealing. With over 7000 different colours and designs it is hard to choose a favourite! My design to mix and match several tartans into one cushion cover makes them quirky and easy to fit in no matter what your colour scheme is. The colours are further enhanced by decorative stitching in a variety of coordinating threads.  

  • 100% Wool Tartan Fabrics
  • Duck Feather Pad
  • Fabric Piping Around Edge

Extra detail...

A great gift for the guy who would like to add a splash of colour to a leather sofa or chair without a floral pattern! They look especially stunning against white cotton bedding.

Grey wool mix back with a centre zip surrounded by decorative stitching. Available in two sizes; 16” square and 18” square.

Tartan Cushions

Tartan Cushion 16"


Tartan Cushion 18"