ipad Covers

Having made numerous patchwork cushions and received an ipad as a gift it seemed a good idea to adapt the cushion pattern and make some lovely  ipad covers. The colours in the fabrics are warm and cohesive and the wool fabrics ensure they are lovely to handle.

All are individually made and are therefore absolutely unique. These covers are a joyful blend of fine wool fabrics, each with intricate topstitching, a contrasting lining and with  padding. They are quilted to add further robustness to the product and for added protection to an ipad.

Extra detail...

The covers are all piped with a leather ttrim, and finished with a zip fastening.

They are available in tartan, tweed  or Harris tweed.

Each cover measures  28cm x 24cm and will fit the original ipad tablet.

The reverse of the cover is in a complimentary plain colour wool fabric which is also padded and quilted.

ipad Covers

Tartan ipad cover


Blue/gold Harris Tweed ipad cover

Gold Harris tweed on the reverse.


Tweed ipad cover

Tweed ipad cover with brown tweed on the reverse side.